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Lapsang Souchong originated in Fujian Province, where it was said to be discovered by accident during the Qing dynasty when a passing military unit camped overnight in a village tea factory. The next morning, in order to get tea to market on time, the factory workers finished drying out the fresh tea over a fire, instead of their usual process.

At the end of production, this style of tea is packed into bamboo baskets and hung over a fire of pine or cypress wood to obtain its characteristic smoky, tarry taste. With a bit of milk and sugar, this tea is perfect during a snowstorm or around the campfire.


What we’re doing:

  • 1 heaping teaspoon (about 3 grams) of Lapsang Souchong per 6-8 oz serving
  • Heat fresh water to 195º-212ºF (boil)
  • Steep 3-5 minutes

 What we’re tasting:

  • Earthy – Smoke, oak, pine
  • Pungent – Tar
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Lapsang Souchong

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