| 50g makes up to 64 cups* | 54¢ per cup |

Peony White Needle is a premium white tea comprised of only unopened buds covered in a velvety white down, and must meet a strict set of criterion.

 First, the buds used for this tea are only plucked between March 15 and April 10, and only on days where there is no chance of rain. If the morning dew has not evaporated by plucking time, the leaves are passed over, and any buds damaged by wind, insects, or that have begun to open are rejected and used for a lower grade.

 This careful selection produces a tea that is mild and smooth, with just a faint touch of sweetness, and dry leaf aroma that hints at apple crisp. 

What we’re doing:

  • 1 heaping tablespoon (about 3 grams ) of Peony White Needle per 6-8 oz serving
  • Heat fresh water to 170º-185ºF
  • Steep 1-2 minutes
  • Multiple infusions

 What we’re tasting:

  • Fruity – Apple
  • Floral – Honeysuckle
  • Vegetal – Sweet grass


*includes multiple infusions

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Peony White Needle

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