| 50g makes up to 160 cups* | 15¢ per cup |

Based in Duoyi Village, on the south side of Nannuo mountain, tea master Li Shu Lin carries on his family’s tea making tradition. All of the tea that the family produces is handcrafted in small, 10kg batches, using raw leaf from their personally owned tea trees, which have never been exposed to pesticides, soil additives, or even manure.

 Sticky Rice Sheng has the sharper taste often seen with young sheng pue’rs. However, the leaves have been scented with a traditional Yunnan herb that gives it the warm and comforting taste of sushi rice.  

What we’re doing:

  • 1/3-1/2 brewing vessel filled with 2015 Nannuo Sticky Rice Sheng
  • Heat fresh water to 208º-212ºF (boil)
  • First steeping: 10-15 seconds; add 3-5 seconds each additional steeping
  • Multiple infusions 

 What we’re tasting:

  • Umami – Sticky rice
  • Herbaceous – Bay leaf
  • Earthy – Leather, smoke


*includes multiple infusions; brewed gongfu style

SKU: CND-001-010G
2015 Nannuo Sticky Rice Sheng

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