| 50g makes up to 48 cups* | 25¢ per cup |

With more body and a fuller flavor than more expensive white teas, Bai Mu Dan is undeniably a favorite among white tea fans. Its mix of buds and open leaves give it the perfect balance of quality and affordability, making it a great daily drinker. 

What we’re doing:

  • 1 heaping tablespoon (about 3 grams) of Bai Mu Dan per 6-8 oz serving
  • Heat fresh water to 170º-185ºF
  • Steep 1-3 minutes
  • Multiple infusions

 What we’re tasting:

  • Floral – Peony
  • Toasty – Toasted almonds
  • Fruity – Peach

*includes multiple infusions

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Bai Mu Dan

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